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  • When can you pick up a flower order?
    Please contact us and we will arrange a suitable time for you to collect.
  • When does the season start?
    We will be open for you from March! Seasonality means the weather determines. We adapt to it, think for ourselves, and are flexible. No two years are the same. That's what makes it exciting! From March the dance begins and the seasonal beauties arrive. The drama begins. The snowdrops spoil us with their fine markings and elegant habits. Irises hold their magnificent petals towards the sun and the many wild plums line up thousands upon thousands of white pearl buds until they bloom as a white spectacle.In winter it's time to rest and, above all, plan and dream about the next season. We draw the cultivation plans, view seeds and order new varieties. The joy for the next flower season is growing. And then suddenly she is there. Then everything happens very quickly and we are busy sowing seeds, spreading compost, preparing beds and pruning roses. And when we see the first leaves of the tulips and daffodils, it's time to rejoice!
  • What makes our flowers sustainable?
    The flower shop cultivates according to the principles of organic farming, so it does not use any pesticides, insecticides or mineral fertilizers.We attach great importance to circular economy, soil life and soil fertility!Local, seasonal flowers with no airline miles.That's why we're part of the @Slowflowermovement!
  • Are there enough flowers for a wedding in May?
    Yes, of course! In May there are so many blooms that you decide whether the lilac or the apple blossom is the main star.By the way, we have flowers to decorate your celebrations from March onwards.
  • What flowers can I get at the castle flower shop?
    The range of cut flowers determines the season - the flowers are a seasonal product and the respective selection is unique. We cultivate annual and perennial flowers from anemones to zinnias in many different varieties and colors. A particular preference for historic and English roses leads to magnificent rose harvests from May/June through to November.You'll find green and shrubby here with a preference for native varieties.
  • What makes floral design sustainable?
    As a holistically sustainable business, we use sustainable methods for our arrangements and floral design.We avoid single-use plastic and environmentally harmful sponges.This means no waste is created. As part of the cycle, the flowers are composted after an event and return to the earth.
  • Where do our flowers come from?
    Our flowers come from the beautiful castle gardens of Therasburg.
  • How long do the flowers last?
    How long the flowers last depends on the variety. The room temperature also plays a role in how long the vase lasts. If you keep the flowers cool at night, you will extend their blooming time. It is important to have enough pure water in the vase. When changing the water, it is good to cut back the stems so that the flowers can absorb water well again.
  • Wie funktioniert der Versand?
  • When will your flowers be delivered?
    We will deliver your package to DPD next Thursday. DPD normally takes 24 hours for delivery
  • What to do when the flowers arrive?
    Your flowers will arrive protected and well packaged. It is now important to cut them fresh and provide them with water immediately.If you only start arranging later, put the flowers in a container of fresh water - this will keep them well looked after for now.
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